24 Oras is the Most Trusted Newscast for 2009 According to AGB Nielsen

GMA-7's PR department has released a report that 24 Oras is the most trusted newscast from January to December 2009 until now.

The claim is based on Mega Manila TV household ratings data from AGB Nielsen Philippines.

According to the report, the primetime newscast of the Kapuso Network garnered 30.3 rating points for the entire 2009, much higher compared to its rival newscast’s 25.4. Based on the January to December 2009 AGB Nielsen Mega Manila TV household ratings data, 24 Oras also topped the News and Public Affairs category.

The second leading News and Public Affairs program for 2009 is also from GMA-7, namely Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

Imbestigador takes fourth place with 24.8 rating points.

Mega Manila TV household ratings data for the top News and Public Affairs programs for January 2010 also show 24 Oras with a comfortable 3.2-point lead over the rival newscast (29.7 against 26.5). Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho is close behind with 24.1 rating points.

Recently awarded with the Ani ng Dangal state recognition for its New York Festivals Gold World Medal-winning coverage, the report from GMA-7 pointed out that 24 Oras has been the leading newscast since taking the lead in the period November 22 to December 31, 2004.

Other GMA News and Public Affairs programs also had a banner 2009— Born to be Wild was able to beat Probe Profiles (5.8 against 4.9); OFW Diaries topped Trip na Trip (4 against 3.3); and Reporter’s Notebook bested The Correspondents (6.3 against 6.1).

The said report also listed the GMA News and Public Affairs programs that performed well, based on AGB Nielsen Mega Manila TV household ratings data for January 2010. I-Witness beat XXX (7 against 5.9); Reporter’s Notebook topped The Correspondents (7.3 against 4.6); Born to be Wild bested Probe Profiles (7.6 against 3.5); OFW Diaries trounced Trip na Trip (4 against 2.9); and late night newscast Saksi also bested its rival (9.5 versus 6.7).

Meanwhile, GMA-7’s morning show, Unang Hirit, emerged as the preferred morning show from 2005 up to 2010, based on the latest available AGB Nielsen data.

AGB Nielsen is considered to be the widest subscribed and the industry’s recognized ratings provider.

Incidentally, the case ABS-CBN filed against AGB Nielsen for specific performance and damages for alleged infiltration of panel homes was dismissed by the courts last January 2010.

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