Pacquiao Versus Clottey ‘The Event’ – Live Update

"The Event" - Manny Pacquiao versus Joshua Clottey: Live updates.

Here’s a live update from ABS-CBN:

1. Arnel Pineda sings Philippine National anthem. Altho he’s not singing the original marching tune,he made a very good rendition.
Sunday March 14, 2010 1:30

2. Three Cowboys Cheerleders are now singing the American National Anthem. A very good rendition from the three…

3. The lights were dimmed in the stadium. they were preparing for the entrance of both fighters… footages of the past great fights were being shown through the giant screen.

4. Clottey makes his way towards the ring…

5. Clottey dances to a Ghanaian tune on his way to the ring… shows the crowd he’s not afraid to fight.

6. Clottey is now in the ring, a Filipino flag carrier taunts him with a slash in the neck sign while dancing. Clottey ignored the flag holder.

7. Pacquiao is now preparing to walk towards the ring. He’s now making his way towards the squared circle. smiling at his fans… he appears relaxed.

8. After getting into the ring, Pacquiao went to a corner, knelt down and prayed.

9. Michael Buffer is now making the introduction. acknowledging the sponsors. Rafael Ramos is the ref.

10. Buffer makes his trademark announcement: “Let’s get ready to RUUUUMMBLEEEE!”

11. Buffer introduces Joshua “The Grandmaster” Clottey.
Sunday March 14, 2010 1:45

12. Crowd roars as Buffer introduces Manny “The National Fist” Pacquiao…

Round 1. Pacman throws 3 jabs. Clottey in turtle defense. Pacquiao attacks Clottey’s left side… Clottey in peek-a–boo. Pacquiao tests the body. circles away from Clottey’s punches. Pacman lands a big left! wobbles Clottey a bit. Clottey throws a left, Pacman answers with left and right. Not much activity from Clottey in thi round. It was all Pacquiao. Round 1 is done.

Round 2. Pacman tests Clottey’s defense. Throws jabs in the peek-a-boo then suddnely throws a right hand to the body. Clottrey tries to advance but hands still up. tries to trap pacman to the ropes. Pacman wisely circles away. Clottey connects with left the the body. Pacquiao throws big 1-2-3. ‘wobbles’ Clottey. It’s not clear is he’s just taunting the champ. Clottey is clearly waiting for Pacman to tire out. Round 2 is done.

Round 3. Pacquiao opens with spectacular body punches. His punches reverberates throughout the stadium. Clottey throws body punches, too. Pacquiao throws 1-2 to the head, then 1-2 again in the abdomen. Clottey catches Pacman with a right. Pacman rests a bit then presses the action. Beautiful combination to the head and body. Traps Clottey to the corner. Clottey moved away then charged back. Clottey’s hands are always up, he knows that bombs are coming.

Round 4. Clottey walks towards Pacman, still in turtle defense. Pacman circles away, uses the ring while stinging Clottey. Cloteey is not punching, this frustrates pacman. Pacman walsk away a bit. Ref motions the two to engage again. Pacman throws 1-2-3. then 1-2 again, beautiful combos. Clottey is moving just like Roach predicted, the Ghanaian is just waiting for Pacman to tire out. Round 4 is done.

Round 5. Cottey now becomeing aggresive. But Pacman fights back. Clottey throwing 1-2, then launches a big jab. Fighters in a clinch, Clottey misses a right hook. Pacman effectively using his own right hook, Pacman explodes with lighting punches. Clottey retreating. the action returns to the center, then bell rings.

Round 6. Pacman effectively uses the ring circles away from Clottey. then he steps near the ropes inviting Clottey to engage. Clottey throws some punches, then they move to the center. Pacman uses the angles, looking for an opening in Clottey’s defense. Bell rings, Clottey accidentally hit Pacman after the bell but the Filipino merely tapped him back.

Round 7. Clottey tries to attack the body. trapping Pacman at the ropes, Pacman moves away. Pacman patiently chips away Clottey’s defense, inviting the Ghanaian to fight back. Clottey remains in his shell. then suddenly charges with 1-2. Clottey is frugal with his punches. Round 7 ends.

Round 8. Clottey’s handa are up again, then he throwss a double right to the head. Pacman fires back with punches to the body to the head. Clottely then lands a blow just below the belt, ref warns him. Pacman was given a few seconds. fight is on again. Pacman lands a biiig right! Then accidental clash of heads. ‘you ok?’ ref asks the fighters. the fight continues. Near the bell, Clottey lands a low blow again. Pacman reacted, ref breaks them.

Round 9. Pacman scoring combinations, a couple of hooks tot he body then upper and hook to the head. Clottey responded with four hook-combo. Fighters move tot he center then Pacman exploded with big body punches again. three of them apparently jarred Clottey. But Clottey survives.

Round 10. Pacman now has a welt in his right eye. Clottey has bloodied nose. Pacman suddnely lands a beautiful right hook to Clottey’s jaw. Then a body combo, Clottey fights back with as big right. Looks like Clottey was inviting Pacman to throw body punches so he can retaliate with hits to the head. Pacman, however, continues to attack the body. Never giving Clottey a breather for that head punch.

Round 11. Clottey approaches Pacman, Pacman keeps him away with head punches then sidesteps away. Clottey is springing to action, tries to match pacman. Both fighters trading head punches, Clottey steps into Pacman’s defenses sneaks in two uppercuts. Pacman slightly dazed, but fights back. Pacman presses attack chases Clottey to the ropes. Round 11 ends.

12th and final round. Clottey chasing Pacman, lands good left hook. A clash of heads but gthe fight continues. Clottey wants to score a KO, throwing body punches. Pacquiao steps back a second, fired three, then circled away. Clottey landing big left hooks. Clottey now active with punches. But Pacman outpunches him. The final bell approaches. this is going to the score cards, folks… ding!

Pacquiao retains his title in a hard-fought fight!

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