Sam Concepcion Releases New DVD Album ‘Pop Class’

In the tradition of Glee, Camp Rock and High School Musical of the "tween" revolution, "Pop Class" is a ground-breaking concept: a mini-movie-musical and a brand new album from Universal Records by Sam Concepcion--all rolled into one!

Sam (Concepcion) and Chesca (Ortega) are on their way to fulfilling their pop dreams as the most promising students in their Pop Class (a Pop Performance Workshop Class they have religiously attended every summer since they were kids). But when Chesca inexplicably drops out, Sam is devastated and falls into an uninspired artistic rut. Will his best friend Chesca’s coming back–years after–take him out of his misery or make matters worse (since the school is about to close)? With a spirited production of cool dance sequences and new tween music, “Pop Class” will surely make you fall in love and prove that “you can never just walk away from your dreams”.

Here is the music video of the carrier single “Missed You” from Pop Class featuring Sam Concepcion:

Video courtesy of Popsicles.

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