Ruffa Gutierrez Accepts Kris Aquino’s Apology

Ruffa Gutierrez raised the white flag for "peace, peace, peace."

Ruffa Gutierrez left in the middle of her talk show The Buzz last Sunday because she got hurt by Kris Aquino‘s remarks regarding her transfer to TV5. The alleged “walk out” happened during the Points of View segment (POV) (Read the related story here).

The issue was magnified when rival program “Showbiz Central” aired a phone patch interview with Ruffa’s mom, Annabelle Rama, expressing her disgust on Kris Aquino.

The Queen of All Media did not answer the strong statements issued by Annabelle Rama on her show but instead sent a text message to Philippine Entertainment Portal expressing her deepest apology to Ruffa.

Here’s an excerpt from the text message that Kris Aquino sent to Philippine Entertainment Portal:

“I would like to extend a loving hug to Ruffa. I viewed the tape & although I still feel I gave my comment w/ affection, maybe it made her feel even worse because she’s now moving in a new direction. We had what I believed was a good working relationship in the almost 2 years we were together on The Buzz.”

“I can also understand that Ruffa’s mom dislikes Noynoy & my family, maybe because of association & our vocal proclamation of admiration for Dingdong & his selfless contribution to help Noy’s presidential bid. It is w/ Ruffa that I enjoyed a healthy working relationship & I only have good words to say about her.

“To Ruffa, I sincerely apologize for causing u hurt…”

“…I want Ruffa to have a great career ahead of her—because she is a woman, raising 2 beautiful daughters. And I champion all women who triumph despite the odds—just like my own Mom.”

“As a woman, and as Ruffa’s Mom and the lola of Lorin & Venice, I respect u tita Annabelle and on behalf of our family, I apologize for the distress we caused yours. Hindi po ako mayabang, kaya ako nagpapakumbaba ngayon.”

“Thank u for your time & may God bless all of us w/ a peaceful week ahead.”

Ruffa Gutierrez finally allowed the press to interview her two days after the much talked-about incident.

“I know that we love each other and I know that we’ve been friends for a long, long time. Medyo nasaktan lang ako noon kasi doon sa mga parinig niya na, ‘Naku, you know mahal na mahal ako ng mga tiga-Laoag. Seventy percent ng mga tao nakikita ako dito (The Buzz).’ Parang pinapalabas niya na walang manonood sa akin sa TV5,” she said.

“I really wanted to go back on-air but I couldn’t stop crying. So, natanggal na ang pilik-mata ko, nag-smear na ang lining ko and I admit I was emotional. Hindi ako nag-walkout. Ewan ko ba kung bakit sinabing nag-walkout. Mga intrigero kayo. Masama bang umiyak sa dressing room. Kung akala ng mga tao OA (overacting), ganoon talaga ang emotion ko noong time na ‘yon. Wala akong magagawa. Hindi ko talaga sinasadya ‘yon,” she added.

In an interview with Showbiz News Ngayon, Ruffa said she appreciated and accepted Aquino’s public apology. “Ako naman, I’m a very fun-loving individual and kaibigan ko din naman si Kris. And I have the highest respect for her.”

As for her mom Annabelle Rama’s response to Kris’s apology, she said: “Sinabi lang niya, ‘Naku day, tanggapin mo na ang apology ni Kris, day. Kasi nakita ko naman nagpa-kumbaba na siya. Sige, okay na yan, day.’ Alam mo naman ang mommy ko, para siyang volcano.”

Her final words were: “Wala ng Team Ruffa, Team Kris. Team friendship na lang, di ba?”

Ruffa is slated to bid farewell to the Buzz this Sunday. If she ever appears on the said episode, she and Kris will have another tv moment that could never happen again for a long time.

Watch the SNN interview here:

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