Will It Be Happy Ending for Pokwang in ‘Your Song’?

Your Song presents Love Me Love You marks its' final episode this Sunday on ABS-CBN.

“Sa Your Song natupad yung panagarap ko na maging bida sa isang series. Kaya unforgettable ito para sa akin. Sobrang salamat talaga sa lahat ng sumubaybay,” Pokwang expressed.

In real life, Pokwang has surpassed a number of heartaches. But will her character as Lovely overcome the despair that love might cause? Or will her love story end happily ever after?

In the last episode of Your Song presents Love Me Love You, more trials are yet to be faced and surmounted. Steph (Desiree Del Valle) continues to make life difficult for Lovely. Not fully committed in running the business, Lovely is forced to sell the company. Little did she know, Steph was able to buy a share. Lovely slowly suffers but manages to stand up and start anew. She then bumps into Javier (Jason Abalos).

Will the two continue their romance? Or will Lovely be wiser this time?

Don’t miss the final episode of Your Song presents Love Me Love You and find out if it will be a happy ending for Pokwang, this Sunday on ABS-CBN after ASAP XV.

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