Croc Capture and Aquarium Trail on ‘Born to Be Wild’

Seven months ago, fifty juvenile Philippine crocodiles were released into Isabela’s Divilacan Lake. The Philippine crocodile is one of the most endangered animals in the world. If not conserved, they are feared to become extinct in the next ten years. The release of fifty crocodiles in Isabela is considered historic. According to Mabuwaya Foundation, a conservation group focused on the Philippine crocodile, this was the single largest release of Philippine crocodiles into the wild. Born to be Wild’s Doc Ferds Recio documented this groundbreaking event, and participated in the assessment of the crocs.

Today, Doc Ferds re-visits Divilacan to check on their progress. Experts undertake a grueling effort to recapture the crocodiles to measure their size. This procedure is necessary to find out whether the crocodiles are able to feed and survive on their own in the wild.

Meanwhile, Kiko Rustia visits a community that lives on catching and selling aquarium fish. Kiko follows the complex trail that these fishes trace before reaching homes. He also discovers that people in the business use compressor diving methods which pose a threat to their health.

To determine the conditions under the sea and to find out the possible effects of this barangay-wide industry, Kiko invites a marine biologist to survey marine life in the area. What do they discover?

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