Kara David Investigates Online Gaming Addiction among Filipinos on I-Witness

Internet shops are found at every street corner in Metro Manila, offering a cheap rate for long hours of operation that often go for 24 hours.

Doc, Mark and Ice are part of a young generation spending a lot of their time on computer games. Some even resort to illegal activities to fund their vices. They’re so hooked; they can go on gaming for 24-hours without any sleep.

22-year-old Doc is a scavenger and vagrant, but once he gets his money out of collecting garbage, he goes to his favorite internet shop to play. Mark, 20, is an out of school youth. He lost his investment money and stole from his mother to pay for his internet rentals. Fourteen-year-old Ice says he gets his money from homosexuals in exchange for sexual favors.

What factors led to the addiciton of these youngsters? What makes these games addictive? Is there hope for them?

This Monday on I-Witness join Kara David as she finds out how addicted the Filipino youth is on online games.