Charice’s Pyramid Dance Remix Enters Billboard Dance Chart

Charice's Pyramid Remixes are yet to be released but pre-orders catapulted the track to enter the Billboard Dance Chart at no. 2 Breakout (bubbling under the Hot 100).

Please take note that these Pyramid Remixes (there are 6 tracks actually) are promotional dance versions of Charice’s first international single “Pyramid” which is due for release next month. Even these remixes are not yet released. But pre-orders on Amazon and iTunes put the track on the February 27 Billboard chart.

Here’s the tweet from Barry Harris, the one who made a remix of Charice’s Pyramid:

Charice’s Pyramid Remixes are due for release at and iTunes on February 23. But you can pre-order the track(s) now!

Charice – Pyramid Remixes (6 tracks)

1. Pyramid [Barry Harris Club]
2. Pyramid [Barry Harris Radio Edit]
3. Pyramid [Jonathan Peters Club]
4. Pyramid [Jonathan Peters Radio Edit]
5. Pyramid [Dave Aude Club]
6. Pyramid [Dave Aude Radio Edit]

Charice – Pyramid Jonathan Peters Radio Edit Version

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