Bernadette Sembrano Hangs Out with Lola Gimikera on ‘The Correspondents’

Have you ever seen grandmothers working in graveyard shift?

Join Bernadette Sembrano as she enters the world of old women working at the unusual time of the day this Tuesday (Feb 9) on “The Correspondents” on ABS-CBN.

She sleeps in the morning and wakes up at night – she is Lola Gimikera. While every one of us is already dozing off, she lurks on the streets and pulls out her goods. This is what she does for a living, providing service at a cheaper price ranging from P100 to P200. But, what is the shocking thing that she sells at the midst of the night?

Visit for other issues tackled in the program. Join Bernadette Sembrano as she tries to find out the reason behind the job of “Lola Gimikera” this Tuesday (Feb 9) on “The Correspondents,” after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.