‘Agua Bendita’ Hits Primetime on February 8

Agua Bendita is taking the timeslot of May Bukas Pa on February 8, Monday night, after TV Patrol.

Based on the komiks story by Rod Santiago, Agua Bendita follows the story of twin sisters, one is normal while one is born with a physical defect. Agua will struggle to find meaning in her life as she deals with her unexplainable physical condition. Meanwhile, in spite being born normal, Bendita will grow up insecure toward her twin sister.Agua and Bendita will become bitter rivals, until through a mysterious stroke of fate their situations will be reversed. Is their a way to cure the hatred between the sisters?

To be launched in the Komiks fantaserye is Andi Eigenmann, the daughter of Mark Gil and Jaclyn Jose. She will portray the roles of twin sisters Agua Cristi and Bendita Cristi. Agua is born with an unexplainable physical defect while Bendita is normal but grew up with lots of insecurities.

Jason Abalos is Paco, the poor young man who will save Agua from danger. He will eventually harbor special feelings for Agua.

Matteo Guidicelli is Ronnie, a blind rich kid who will become a good friend of Agua. Without knowing Agua’s real identity Ronnie will learn to love her for her personality.

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VIDEO LINK: Agua Bendita Trailer

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