Starstruck V Update: Ian is Eliminated, Top 6 Remain

Ian Batherson got the boot. Who will make it to the Final 5?

With only six survivors left, tension and excitement are building up as StarStruck V’s Final Judgment Night draws near.

Last Sunday, January 31, hosts Dennis Trillo and Carla Abellana announced one of this season’s shocking twists: Factor 4. With this new twist, five survivors will compete in the finals night on February 21, instead of 4.

Anything can still happen and the remaining six contenders—Rocco Nacino, Enzo Pineda, Steven Silva, Sarah Lahbati, Nina Kodaka and Diva Montelaba—must compete for the top five slots.

During the ninth elimination night, StarStruck cut its number of contenders down to six after the automatic elimination of Ian Batherson. Factor 1 took effect after Ian landed in the bottom group thrice along with Rocco Nacino and Steven Silva. Ian also received the lowest number of text votes.

With only two weeks left before the final judgment, all six survivors should work harder on their performances to impress and draw enough support from the voting public and the council members.

Who will stand out in this week’s artista tests? How will the announcement of Factor 5 affect the remaining Top 6 survivors?

Viewers can also vote through the website

StarStruck V airs every Saturday with host Raymond Gutierrez right after Pinoy Records and every Sunday with hosts Dennis Trillo and Carla Abellana right after Kap’s Amazing Stories. StarStruck Shout Out airs three times a day, from Monday to Friday, with five-minute updates in the morning, afternoon, and primetime blocks on GMA-7.

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