Kim Atienza and Phoemela Barranda in a Movie Team Up

Kim Atienza confirmed that he and fellow “TV Patrol World” host Phoemela Barranda just did an action movie together.

“We finished it recently but it will not be shown on cinemas. It will be aired on television this Sunday (Jan 31) on ‘Matanglawin,” said Kuya Kim.

Like any other action flicks, Kuya Kim must save his leading lady in this special birthday episode where he embarks into the world of action movies. But first, he must learn all the basic moves and stunts including jumping from one building to another which is quite a challenge for the Trivia King since he is afraid of heights.

He will also encounter continues bombing attack from his enemy and must learn the proper timing, position, and blocking to avoid the explosions. Will Kuya Kim be able to go through all these?

More than saving the damsel in distress, Kuya Kim will be receiving a surprise treat as “Matanglawin” celebrates his birthday.

Don’t miss this breath-taking action episode of “Matanglawin” this Sunday (Jan 31) 11 AM on ABS-CBN.