‘PBB Double UP’ Housemates Fight for First Slot in Big Four

Who among the remaining housemates will jump straight to the Big Four of “Pinoy Big Brother Double Up?”

For the first time in “Pinoy Big Brother” history, one housemate will get the chance to automatically enter the Big Four through the “Big Jump” before the Big Night. Big Brother revealed this exciting twist to the housemates as they entered the exciting last three weeks of “PBB Double Up.”

This time, the housemates will surely give their all as the pressure is mounting with the Big Night fast approaching. What test will Big Brother give them now? How will the housemates deal with the Big Jump, especially the nominated ones Jason, Johan, Kath, Melisa, and Paul Jake?

Early this week, Big Brother separated the housemates into two groups. Paul Jake and Johan courageously volunteered as leaders and chose their group members. Paul Jake chose Mariel, Melai, Tibo, and Rica, whereas Johan’s group comprised of Jason, Kath, Princess, and Yuri.

Ex-housemates Rica, Princess, and Yuri are technically out of competition. However, they remain inside the house as “Kuya’s Darlings” who will do the tasks suggested by the program’s viewers.

After two heated challenges, one remembering the previous weekly tasks and the other a unique obstacle course, Team Paul Jake emerged on top. This means it will be Mariel, Melai, Paul Jake, and Tibo who will fight it out individually in the second round to be the first one to be part of the Big Four.

Last week, we saw the housemates give their best and stand for what they believe during the “Resbak Attack.” Through the task, wherein former housemates challenged the housemates emotionally and physically, the viewers were able to see what the housemates were really made of.

Tibo, Mariel, Johan, Kath, and Paul Jake chose to stand by Kuya’s task and never gave up, while Jason, Melisa, and newly-evicted Hermes valued friendship more and chose to protect their relationships over prize and money.

Join Mariel Rodriguez in “Uber” after “Banana Split Daily Servings,” Toni Gonzaga in “PBB Double Up” on Primetime Bida after “Dahil May Isang Ikaw,” and Bianca Gonzalez in “PBB Double Uplate” every after midnight.

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