Cebu Dancing Inmates Dance to Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It!’

Travis Payne, Jackson’s long-time choreographer, helmed the YouTube sensation Cebu Dancing Inmates to the tune of "This is It!" as a tribute to the late King of pop.

Choreographer Travis Payne, along with his back-up dancers Daniel Celebre and Dres Reid, came to the Philippines to choreograph and danced with the Cebu Dancing Inmates to the tune of Michael Jackson’s This Is It!

The number was called “The Drill,” and it was the last choreography Payne and Jackson collaborated on before the King of Pop died in June 2009.

The video was uploaded on YouTube last January 22 and as of today, it had been viewed 602,596 times.

The video of the Cebu Dancing Inmates with Payne and co. will be a special feature in the Blu-Ray and DVD copies of Michael Jackson’s “This Is It.”

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