‘Showtime’ Returns on Air

The ABS-CBN talent variety program "Showtime" will return on air tomorrow despite the 20-day preventive suspension imposed by the MTRCB.

Here’s the official statement of ABS-CBN regarding the return of Showtime:

ABS-CBN is happy to announce that the talent-variety program “Showtime” will return on-air starting tomorrow, 19 Jan 2010, following the issuance of a temporary restraining order by the Court of Appeals enjoining the MTRCB from continuing to enforce the preventive suspension order on the show.

We welcome the CA resolution dated 15 January 2010, which states: “For reasons afore-stated, and as prayed for by petitioner, let a TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER be issued, as it is hereby issued, effective sixty (60) days from notice hereof, enjoining respondent MTRCB, including any and all persons acting in their behalf and under their command and authority, from continuing to enforce the Preventive Suspension Order dated January 11, 2010 issued against petitioner, pending the resolution of the instant petition.”

The top-rating talent variety program was suspended by the MTRCB last January 11 after one of its guest judges, Rosanna Roces, made statements against the teachers in the January 7 live show (CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO). A temporary show “Magpasikat” replaced Showtime during the suspension.

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