Housemate Cathy, in the Middle of a Love Triangle in ‘PBB Double Up’

Distance finally put an end to the quarreling of housemates Melisa and Jason and got them to admit their feelings for each other in “Pinoy Big Brother Double Up.”

Due to Big Brother’s “Melayo Act of 2010,” the wacky twosome were prohibited to speak directly with each other and ordered to always be at least three meters apart as punishment for their frequent teasing, which at times got physical.

In one of their bonding moments, Jason told Melai through Kath, Johan, and Hermes that he is willing to wait until Melisa forgets her ex-boyfriend. Melisa, on the other hand, answered that she really loves Jason, and he knows it.

If Melai and Jason had confessed the obvious, Johan, Cathy, and Hermes are trying to make sense out of their love triangle. Johan recently admitted his liking for Cathy and that he gets jealous with Hermes, who is also close to her. Johan said he feels Cathy is giving both him and Hermes false hope.

Cathy was saddened by the Johan’s remarks and sought the opinion of her housemates. Mommy Kath said she should just choose one and start avoiding the other. Daddy Tibo added that she should settle the issue as soon as possible.

Will Cathy be able to come up with a decision immediately as she and Hermes are both nominated this week alongside Melai, Tibo, and Mariel?

Find out who exits this week with Mariel Rodriguez, Toni Gonzaga, and Bianca Gonzalez this Saturday (Jan 16) on the “PBB Eviction Night” after “MMK.” Also watch for the Live Nomination Night on Sunday (Jan 17) after “George and Cecil.” Also catch the weekly highlights on “PBB Weekend Primetime” every Saturday and Sunday at 6 pm on Studio 23.

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