Star-studded Family Feud Celebrity Week Special

Family Feud goes all-out this week with big, big prizes and star-studded contestants to mark a celebrity week special.

Early tonight, it’s bound to be another exciting and thrilling game because the respective families of EAT BULAGA’s hosts will face each other. Set to battle against each others’ wit is the family of Kim Dinosaur together with Migo Argente Dado, Inna Argente Dado and Cynthia Argente Dado against the family of Toni Rose Gayda with John Lim, Benny Liboro at Michael Thio.

On Thurday, the members of the family of reel loveteam JC Tiuseco and Maxene Magalona will try to outsmart each other in giving the top answers. Who will win between JC’s family members – Kari Tiuseco, Honey Tiuseco and Vian Tiuseco versus Maxene’s brood of Pia Magalona, Elmo Magalona and Saab Magalona.

And on Friday, everybody’s funny bones will surely be tickled no end when the country’s top DJs face each other. Who will outlast who, when”Boses Kikay Family” of Mr. Fu, Kristine Dera, Nicole Ehyala and Mama Belle go up against ”Ms. DJ’s Family” of DJ Mo, Papa Jack, Christuper and Papa Jepoy.

Together with the handsome Dingdong Dantes, don’t fail to miss the Celebrity Week Special ng Family Feud bukas bago mag-Ikaw Sana sa GMA.

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  1. You look great in short hair! I get the urge every couple of years to go short then hate my life for like a year. I just don’t have the feuartes for it. My faves are Feb, May (cute shot) and now. You look great as a blonde and a redhead. It’s no fair!

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