New Season of ‘Brothers and Sisters’ Preems on Studio 23

America’s favorite family returns on television with fresh U.S. episodes of “Brothers and Sisters” beginning Friday (Jan 15), 8 PM on Studio 23.

The Walkers are back for their biggest year yet filled with joyful events, heartbreaking changes, and unforgettable surprises. Nora and Holly plan an engagement party for Justin and Rebecca while Sarah looks for a new business venture in France. Kitty, on the other hand, holds a secret that can ruin her family.

“Brothers & Sisters” season 4 is the latest foreign program to be part of Studio 23’s Catch Up TV (, the first free online streaming of shows spearheaded by a network in the country.

With Catch Up TV, viewers can now watch the latest episodes of their favorite US programs as well Studio 23’s local programs anytime via the internet for absolutely free.

Shows currently available for viewing include foreign programs “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Private Practice” and “Legend of the Seeker” as well as local shows “Y-Speak,” “Us Girls,” and “News Central.” You can also view the network’s two-minute shows dubbed as shorts namely “Girlista,” “Quick-E,” “Shoutout,” at “News Bites.”

Meanwhile, if the Walkers are about to return on primetime, Korean actor Joe Cheng is not going anywhere in the morning block as his Asianovela “Honey and Clover” premieres Friday (Feb 1) and will be seen every weekday at 10 a.m., instantly replacing the romantic comedy “They Kiss Again” in which he also stars alongside Ariel Lin.

If too much drama and romance is not manly enough for the dudes, then Studio 23 also got the right stuff for you. Tune in from 10:30 PM onwards and watch shows that will give you a testosterone boost and feature topics you like such as sports and live action.

Don’t miss all these exciting offerings from your one and only Kabarkada on television and on the internet, Studio 23. Get it here!

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