The Queen of Teleserye’s Big Comeback

Right in time for the 60 Years of Soap Opera celebration of ABS-CBN, the one and only Queen of Teleserye Judy Ann Santos makes a huge comeback with the much-awaited Habang May Buhay.

Juday has been in the industry for more than two decades, starting in Ula, Ang batang Gubat in the year 1988 until she became popular in the phenomenal series Mara Clara. From then on, the Soap Opera Queen of Philippine TV has done successive and numerous teleserye and films. With all of the projects under her belt – from drama, fantasy and even comedy, as well as countless awards, there is no doubt why Judy Ann is the ‘face’ of the 60 Years of Soap Opera celebration.

As the Queen of Soap Opera returns to Primetime Bida, Juday or Judy Ann Santos breathes life into Jane Alcantara’s character, a caring and loving friend and daughter. Jane has dreamed of becoming a nurse just like her mother Rose (Gina Alajar) ever since she was a child. But her world will fall apart when her mother and two close friends, Sam (Derek Ramsay) and Nathan (Joem Bascon), face a drastic tragedy. Jane then lives in misery and suffering. She vows to rise from her situation and seek justice that was never given to them.

As time passes, Jane will fulfill her ultimate dream of being a nurse. She will then meet David, the heir of the hospital where she works and the man whom she falls in love with. And Raon, her friend and rescuer.

What connection do the two have with Jane’s past? Will love rule over the search for truth and healing?

Also starring Rio Locsin, Tetchie Agbayani, Gladys Reyes, Will Devaughn, John Arcilla and with the very special participation of Sid Lucero, helmed by blockbuster director Wenn Deramas. Don’t miss Habang May Buhay on February 1, 2010 on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.

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