PBB Housemates are Having a Hard Time with ‘Big Utol’

After Big Brother was rushed to the hospital due to over fatigue last Sunday (Jan 3), a new person has taken charge of his house and the housemates in “Pinoy Big Brother Double Up.” “Big Utol,” as he is called, has temporarily taken his place.

Big Utol is Big Brother’s younger brother who is said to be impatient, straight forward, naughty, and the complete opposite of the caring, calm and understanding Big Brother. The housemates thought they’d get along better with Kuya’s sibling, but they were dead-wrong.

During his first foray, Big Utol summoned the housemates to his own confession room – a small, dark, dim-lighted room resembling an interrogation area. One by one, the housemates were spooked by Big Utol using their most-feared animals.

Paul Jake, found a dead roach in one of the crumpled task letters. Cathy was asked to carry a container with a python throughout the day, and Kath, who fears rodents, had to touch one.

Big Utol also disliked being disobeyed, and he found one culprit – Cathy who had been stealing naps in the living room. To teach her a lesson, Big Utol ordered Sam to pour water on Cathy’s face to wake her up.

He also had a weird weekly task for the housemates. For the first time in PBB history, the housemates have to do two weekly tasks – 2010 Minutes of Sleep and 2010 Sipa Challenge.

In 2010 Minutes of Sleep, the housemates must find a way to sleep only 2,010 minutes in one week, while in the 2010 Sipa Challenge, the housemates must hit the “sipa” 2,010 times without the “sipa” falling to the ground. If it falls, then the housemates must start counting back at one.

Can the housemates stand the attitude and tests of Big Utol? Will be Big Brother be back soon to apprehend his younger bro? Find out this week on “Uber” with Mariel Rodriguez, “PBB Double Up” on Primetime Bida with Toni Gonzalez, and “PBB Double Uplate” with Bianca Gonzalez.

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