‘The Correspondents’ Unveils Life Beyond Bars

Four days before the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth, another “Jesus” was born to a new life last month. Jesus Cris Franada was jailed for six years for taking another man’s life when he was seventeen. With the gift of freedom, he now has a chance to turn his life around.

This Tuesday (Jan 5) on “The Correspondents,” Abner Mercado will follow the lives of inmates who were freed recently after serving their sentences.

Like Jesus, Amalia Faelma spent six years behind bars for using prohibited drugs. While away from her family, her husband found a new woman and one of her kids died. She had been waiting for her freedom for a long time so she could be with her children.

Is there hope for newly freed inmates like Jesus and Amalia as they return to their families and the society? For other issues tackled in the program, visit Join Abner Mercado this Tuesday (Jan 5) on “The Correspondents” after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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