‘Melason’ Face Tests in PBB Double Up

"Pinoy Big Brother Double Up" continues to soar as Filipinos celebrated the holidays with the housemates.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, viewers still find time to watch the hit reality program, which has been posting phenomenal ratings this season.

Many of those who were able to watch PBB this week got worried when Melisa thought of making a Voluntary Exit to bring back ex-housemate Patrick. Last Saturday (Dec 26), Melai poured her guilt over her nomination votes for Patrick. She thought, if she didn’t nominate Patrick, he could still be inside the PBB house.

To test Melai’s sincerity, Big Brother offered her to take Patrick’s place by leaving the house. To make it more convincing, Big Brother asked for Rica and Paul Jake’s assistance to make the test more realistic. Jason, Melai’s close friend, was worried sick about her decision to leave. Fortunately, Big Brother revealed it was all just a test of character for Melisa.

If Melai survived Kuya’s test, Jason, on the other hand is still in the process of surviving his test and his housemates.

Before Christmas, the Three Kings Patrick, Hermes and Johan gave away “presents” to the housemates. One of which was Melai’s date with celebrity Jericho Rosales. Jason was given the chance to own a tricycle, but before he could receive the gift, he must act as his housemates’ helper for four days. This includes obeying the housemates ten commandments, waking up before everyone else, and sleeping after everyone had gone to dreamland.

Jason loses a part of his tricycle whenever he fails to do a commandment. The “Boy Astig of Mindoro” expressed his dismay as his housemates allegedly have become abusive of their right to order him.

Will Jason get his tricycle or will he give up on his test? For the latest happenings in pbb, follow pbbseceretary on twitter, just search pbbsecretary then click follow or visit and become a fan. Join Mariel Rodriguez in “Uber” after “Banana Split Daily Serving,” Toni Gonzaga in “PBB Double Up” on Primetime Bida after “Dahil May Isang Ikaw,” and Bianca Gonzalez in “PBB Double Uplate” every after midnight.

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