Singapore Idol Finale: Half Pinay Sylvia Ratonel is 2nd Placer, Charice Wows the Crowd

Half-pinay Sylvia Ratonel was the hot favorite to win this year’s Singapore Idol but the title went to Sezairi Sezali.

8,000 flocked the Singapore Indoor Stadium Sunday night to witness the final result of Singapore Idol season 3.

21-year-old Sylvia Ratonel, whose father is Filipino and mother is Eurasian, is the favorite to win this season. However, the result favored the 22-year-old pure Singaporean Sezairi Sezali during the finals and crashed the audiences’ hope of crowning the very first female Singapore Idol. However, Sylvia became the first female contestant to ever reach the finale of the said talent competition.

Sylvia was dubbed as “The Talent,” and according to reports, she never sang or looked better than at the Grand Finale. Touted as the powerhouse singer who never had professional experience, Sylvia’s final performace was said to have perfect pitching and vocals, confident stage presence, and a sartorial style which scores full marks.

Our very own Charice was the special guest during the finale. She performed the Bodyguard medley (CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO) and her iTunes single Note to God (CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO). She also promoted her upcoming single “Pyramid” to be released on New Year’s Day.

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