GMA is Bringing Back Captain Barbell on Primetime TV this 2010

Prepare for the return of the most popular male superhero by Mars Ravelo this 2010!

Reprising his role as Captain Barbell is no other than Richard Gutierrez.

The first Captain Barbell tv series premiered on May 29, 2006, and last aired on January 12, 2007 on GMA-7. According to AGB Nielsen Philippines, Captain Barbell’s pilot episode on May 29, 2006 garnered a 37.5% rating. The series got its first 40’s ratings of 41.2% the following night on its second episode. Its final episode got a rating of 35.4 %. But before the finale. After 3 months from its pilot episode, its ratings began to plummet, decline and flip flop, but still it is victorious in its finale ratings in Mega Manila Area TV Ratings Data conducted by AGB Nielsen Philippines.

* First Appearance of Captain Barbell – 38%
* Highest Rating Earned – 43.7%
* Lowest Rating Earned – 26%
* Finale Episode Ratings (Mega Manila Area Only) – 35.4%

Generally, Captain Barbell performed very well in Mega Manila that’s why GMA is bringing back the Mars Ravelo male superhero on primetime television just like what they did in Darna last year. The difference is that, the 2006 version and 2010 version is topbilled by the same actor whereas in Darna, the former actress to play the role (Angel Locsin) was replaced by a new one (Marian Rivera).

The original plan was to join Captain Barbell and Darna together in one tv series but since the clamor to make a new Darna series was strong that the network decided to make another shot out of it last year with Marian Rivera in the lead role. Same thing with Captain Barbell, GMA is running a new series based on the Mars Ravelo superhero.

The big question: Mag-hit naman kaya uli?

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  1. nakakasawa paulit ulit captain barbell

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