Carol Batay is Evicted, Super G is Coming to PBB

After the “Conservative Pharmacist ng Tondo” got the boot, a big package from Europe will arrive in Pinoy Big Brother.

22-year-old Carol Batay received the lowest tallied vote for being saved and evicted (-18.42%). Hermes came in at second with a -9.96% while Patrick and Sam received positive percentage of votes after the votes to evict and votes to save were computed.

The percentage of votes are as follows:

Carol Batay: -18.42%
Hermes Bautista: -9.96%
Patrick Villanueva: +3.78%
Sam Pinto: +10.23%

Meanwhile, a big package from a European Big Brother is coming to Pinoy Big Brother house. The mysterious package is called “Super G” and she’s bringing the “heat” to the pinoy housemates. (CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE TEASER)

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