Biyaheng 2010: The GMA News and Public Affairs Yearend Special

As the year 2009 ends, another journey for our country begins.

This December 27, the GMA News and Public Affairs Department takes us on a trip that would not just look back at the events that shaped the nation for the last 12 months but also bring us forward to a future anchored on the 2010 presidential elections. Premier broadcast journalists Jessica Soho and Arnold Clavio take us to one exciting journey through history in “Biyaheng 2010: The GMA News and Public Affairs Yearend Special.”

2009 has been an eventful year for the Philippines. There were victories and triumphs, but there were also calamities, crimes and deaths, in addition to our unpredictable political scenario. Within just two months, the whole of Luzon was submerged under water as Typhoons Ondoy, Pepeng and Santi went on full speed and devastated thousands of lives. Shocking crimes also transpired from all corners of the country, including the gruesome Maguindanao Massacre wherein 57 innocent civilians were killed, more than half of which were journalists.

Several iconic personalities also made the headlines this year with their sudden demise, including former president and democracy icon Corazon Aquino, Master Rapper Francis Magalona, King of Pop Michael Jackson and Iglesia ni Kristo’s influential leader Ka Erdy Manalo. As always, Philippine politics is as riotous as traffic in Manila. With the coming 2010 elections, politicians go counter-flow with their alliances, jumping from one political party to another and making the political scene a war arena.

However, despite these “road blocks,” heroic acts and memorable triumphs still uplifted our spirit and pushed us to continue moving forward.

Efren Penaflorida Jr. gave honor to the country when he was chosen as CNN’s Hero of the Year for his pushcart classroom project. Muelmar Magallanes, who lost his own life after braving the rampaging floods to save lives during the Ondoy onslaught, was hailed as one of Time Magazine’s Top 10 Heroes of the Year. Pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao became a boxing legend when he achieved his 7th boxing title after winning back-to-back victories against Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto. Almost a dozen Filipino boxers also emerged as winners in their boxing fights, making this year the country’s Golden Age for boxing.

But with all the events that happened in 2009, the question still remains: what is in store for us in 2010?

Join award-winning journalists Jessica Soho and Arnold Clavio as they revisit the past and relate it to our country’s future through the 2010 Elections in “Biyaheng 2010: The GMA News and Public Affairs Special,” airing this December 27, 2009 at 10:45 PM (SNBO Timeslot) over GMA-7.

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