GMA News and Public Affairs is Most Credible According to AGB Nielsen Survey

In the recent survey of AGB Nielsen, GMA's News and Public Affairs programs and personalities scored higher credibility ratings.

GMA Network remains to be the top-of-mind free-to-air TV station in Mega Manila while its news and public affairs programs and talents scored higher credibility ratings than competition in Metro Manila based on a quantitative survey conducted by AGB Nielsen Philippines last September.

A total of 44.8% of the respondents in Mega Manila said GMA was the top-of-mind free-to-air TV station, while 43.7% voted for ABS-CBN. Around 87% of the of the respondents regularly watched GMA, while only about 60% said the same for ABS-CBN.

GMA Network was also one of the preferred stations according to 74% of the respondents, while only 55.1% said the same for ABS-CBN.

In the same AGB Nielsen survey, GMA scored a higher credibility rating of 68.9% than its rival’s 45.7%. This supports earlier findings from a Metro Manila qualitative study done by GMA that the channel was generally perceived as fair, balanced, and truthful, while ABS -CBN was considered by some as biased due to alleged vested interests in politics and business. Some respondents in the qualitative study also noted that some of ABS’ news anchors or reporters have been involved in politics and controversies, thereby affecting the station’s overall credibility.

Based on AGB Nielsen’s study, GMA News and Public Affairs personalities topped the survey based on appeal, credibility, competence, and interest to watch.

Jessica Soho led the roster of anchors and reporters in terms of appeal. Mike Enriquez was considered the most credible, while Mel Tiangco was said to be the most competent and most interesting to watch. Arnold Clavio and Vicky Morales were also consistently in the top five news anchors across all measured attributes.

Other News and Public Affairs personalities including Howie Severino, Pia Arcangel, Kara David, and Rhea Santos were consistently in the top 20 list.

GMA Network was also highly identified with Corporate Social Responsibility according to 83.5% of the respondents, while only 59% claimed the same for ABS-CBN. The result substantiates GMA’s notable and sincere public service.

GMA Network was likewise ahead in overall appeal as confirmed by 67.2% of the respondents compared to ABS-CBN’s 47.8%. A total of 71.3% of the respondents also said that GMA was more innovative compared to the 52.5% who said the same for ABS.

The survey aimed to gather audience perception and impressions about free-to-air TV channels. It was also designed to obtain the characteristics of credible news and public affairs programs, and the factors that influence the image of groups, programs, and personalities.

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