‘Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit’ Extended as Plot Thickens

After airing for over two months, GMA's Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit has been extended until January 2010.

More intense afternoons await the viewers this December when the life of a haughty and self-centered woman makes a sudden turn as fate steps in, making all her dreams fall apart in the top-rating Sine Novela presents Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit.

Since she was a kid, Clarissa (Iza Calzado) desired nothing else but to be wealthy, prominent and powerful. With the death of her godsister Therese (Isabel Oli), Clarissa finally gets adopted by her well-off godparents, Ralph (Ricardo Cepeda) and Monina (Pinky Amador). She sees the situation as the only opportunity that would make her rich.

While enjoying her comfortable life, Clarissa, unintentionally alienates the people she loves. Her sister Nancy (Angelika dela Cruz) despises her in spite of all Clarissa’s claims that everything she does is for their family.

For Nancy, her relationship with her sister is already impaired because of her sister’s greediness. Nancy’s hatred grows stronger each day. Aside from getting herself adopted, Clarissa sided with her adoptive parents following the suit filed by their mother Naty (Lani Mercado) against the Gardamontes who were found responsible for the death of their father. It worsened when Clarissa was out of reach when their mother died.

On the other hand, Daryl (Wendell Ramos), her boyfriend, felt betrayed after Clarissa chose her adoptive parents over him when the Gardamonte couple discovered their secret relationship. Daryl used to be the boyfriend of Therese.

Although in pain, Clarissa continues to live with arrogance. But her world is slowly turning upside down as soon as fate stepped in.

Clarissa was disowned by the Gardamontes after watching a video that made her look guilty of killing Therese. She sought the help of Daryl but he turned her down. Meanwhile, Ralph finds out and managed to gather proof that Nancy is her daughter from Naty. Plus, Nick (Bobby Andrews), the man who abused Clarissa and whom she and Daryl tried to kill, is back to avenge himself.

With no one to turn to, Clarissa meets her salvation when she accidentally reconnects with Jerome Recto (Victor Aliwalas), who has been in love with her since the first day they met. Clarissa accepts Jerome’s marriage proposal. But Clarissa’s only hope breaks into pieces when she discovers that she is pregnant!

Will Clarissa abort the baby or will she tell the truth to her fiancé? Will the matrimonial ceremony help Clarissa achieve a happy ending? How will she accept the fact that her sister Nancy is the real daughter and only heir of the Gardamonte’s wealth?

Find out all these as the plot thickens in the riveting drama of Sine Novela presents Kaya Kong Abuting ang Langit on GMA Network’s Dramarama sa Hapon.

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