‘Cory Magic’ and Other exciting Books this December

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift to your friends and loved-ones? Share the priceless joy of reading by giving them inspirational books like Cory Magic, Proverbs for Life, and other books to live by.

Cory Magic: Her People’s Stories

This is a memorial book on the death, wake, and phenomenal funeral of President Corazon Aquino. The 400 page, full color, hard-bound book is a multi-layered account comprising of images by a group of photojournalists organized by veteran Sonny Yabao; essays by Raul Rodrigo; and vignettes culled from e-mails, blogs, social networking sites, printed media, and verbal commentary from a wide range of citizens.

The book seeks to capture the recent upswell of People Power in all its immediacy. “Cory Magic” is a project that they hope will preserve the significance of the massive funeral, as this event retreats into history.

The vignettes are juxtaposed with the event’s touching images. The photojournalist’s eye is reiterated by the sense of history of eyewitnesses. The thousands of Filipinos in the images and vignettes assert a collective love and admiration for the dearly departed — President, mother, and exemplar of decency — that cannot be mistaken for blind hero worship. What instead emerges in the book’s pages is an unambiguous People Power message: a clear call for honesty and compassion in the public service.

The texts by Raul Rodrigo summarize interviews with individuals who journeyed with President Aquino through various phases of her life: Ballsy Aquino Cruz, Rapa Lopa, Bishop Soc Villegas, Teddy Boy Locsin, Alran Bengzon, Rene De Villa, Fr. Manoling Francisco, and Mar Roxas. Collectively, their recollections portray a woman and leader who sustained a penetrating clarity about democratic institutions. And because her life was single-mindedly given to democracy, the Cory that emerges from Cory Magic is the singular woman who held faith in the norms of decency, sense of responsibility, and “kagandahang loob” that the vast majority of Filipinos hold to be sacred elements of democracy.

Life Lessons for Mothers

Life Lessons for Mothers: Inspirations and Thought-Provoking Quotations for Mothers, offers relevant thoughts and reflections on topics that really hit home like worry, calmness, hope, joy, and prayer. It’s a great gift for every mom–a sage counsel–at her fingertips!

Hearing God Through the Year

Being close to God begins with telling Him what’s on your heart in prayer. But are you able to hear Him respond? In these daily devotionals, bestselling author Dallas Willard shows you how to recognize the voice of God and act on it. As you draw into God’s presence, you may be surprised – and even transformed – by what you discover.

Proverbs for Life for Men

This gift book—for men—is designed to bring alive the timeless life principles woven within the Book of Proverbs. When you have wisdom, you have meaning, purpose, and true success. Proverbs for Life for Men gathers the most important lessons from the famed book of Proverbs and offers a never-ending source of time-tested wisdom that works. Also available: Proverbs for Life for Women and Proverbs for Life for You.

365 Text Thots Day After Day

This book is a compilation of thought-provoking quotations, words of wisdom and scriptures to live by! Each thought is a stretching reflection on daily living, a lesson to start your day right. Good for one year, these “Text Thots” will surely inspire and motivate you each day to live life to the fullest.

These books are now available in National Bookstore, Powerbooks and other bookstores nationwide!


Single Servings: 90 Devotions to Feed Your Soul. Singles often struggle with loneliness, physical desires, longings, or expectations. And while many find short-term solutions in our postmodern culture, author Lee Warren, himself a thirty-something single, wants you to discover the lasting solutions that only God can provide.

A collection of ninety devotionals that offers an honest look at the struggles—and benefits—of the single life. Sharing both biblical and contemporary stories, Lee Warren encourages singles to find satisfaction in Christ. Whether you’re ready to settle down or are looking for something more out of life, Single Servings can help you face worldly pressures, focus on your future, and discover true community.

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