Who Will Win the Amazing Race 15?

It’s a showdown among married couple Brian and Ericka; gay brothers Sam and Dan; and dating couple Megan and Cheyne this Monday (Dec 7) in the 12th and last leg of “The Amazing Race 15” airing live via satellite, 9 AM, on Studio 23. From Czech Republic, the final three teams must compete all the way to the final pit stop revealed to be in the entertainment capital of the world—Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The first team to arrive will win the race and take home a whopping $1 million jackpot prize. Who will win the race around the world? Don’t miss the season finale of “The Amazing Race 15” airing live on Monday (Dec 7), 9 am, with primetime telecast on Thursday (Dec 10) at 8 pm on Studio 23.

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