All Housemates Nominated for Eviction in PBB Double UP

For the first time in Pinoy Big Brother history, the public gets to vote for the housemate they want to be evicted.

This was announced by Pinoy Big Brother during the 7th Nomination Night last Sunday (Nov 29) in “PBB Double Up.”

During the live nomination night, Big brother announced that the nomination they did was a mock only for all of them are this week’s nominees. Due to this big twist, the audience will not vote to save their favorite housemate, but will VOTE TO EVICT the housemate they want to leave PBB in the upcoming 5th Eviction Night.

Before this shocking development, Big Brother had the housemates undergo an unusual process of nomination where housemates casted their votes on two housemates from the other house. In that round of nominations, Johan and Yuri were nominated from House A, while Rica and Rocky were the nominees from House B. Then in the second round of nominations, Big Brother gave the houses the liberty to discuss and change the nominations result. Rica and Rocky remained to be House B’s nominees while Yuri was replaced with Kath to join Johan for House A nominees.

Meanwhile, Big Brother addressed the discrimination issue involving the House B boys and Rica. Big Brother called in the four boys to the confession room and asked if they were ever bullied or mocked when they were young. Rocky admitted that he was often mocked for his teeth, Hermes and Patrick were teased for their skinny frames, while Rob didn’t seem to take teasing against him too seriously. Afterwhich, Big Brother made the housemates realize that the boys were doing the same bullying and mockery against their housemate, Rica.

Last Saturday (Nov 28), Rob was also named the Fourth evictee of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up. Rob, who hails from Austria, was one of the original members of House A, and immediately received a task to make the housemates believe that he is in a serious relationship with transgender Rica.

In a few weeks time, Rob was moved to House B, where he was part of many unforgettable incidents. He was seen to be misbehaving during the Hawaiian Themed welcome party for Finnish housemate, Katlin Laas. His temper was also tested during the Pinoy Big Battle where he nearly initiated a verbal war with his former housemates.

Reminder to all PBB voters, for this week, you will vote to evict the housemate/s you want to leave PBB. The housemate with the highest percentage of vote will end his/ her journey as housemate in the upcoming 5th Eviction Night.

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  1. blessy sofia p. llido // August 21, 2014 at 9:21 am //

    i will evict vickie

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