ABS-CBN Donates P1 Million Education Fund for Massacred Journalists’ Children

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. pledged to donate P1 million to start an education fund for the children of the 25 massacred journalists in Maguindanao last Monday.

Here is the official statement by ABS-CBN Corporate Communications Head Bong Osorio:

Journalists put their lives at risks to serve.

What happened Monday in Maguindanao was horrifying. It shocked the nation. It was the worst single incident of violence against journalists around the world.

But it doens’t end there. The massacred journalists left families behind. And as a member of this community of journalists, we condole with those they left behind. We would like to help and take care of our own because we know our own journalists go through the same risks everytime they go out to bring the truth to our publics.

The ABS-CBN Board of Directors has decided to donate P 1 million to start an education fund for the children of the journalists. With this, we hope to encourage other members of the media community to help. To those who want to support, please email Tina Monzon-Palma at

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