Howie Severino Features ‘TransPinay’ on I-Witness

As transgenders made their way into reality shows, Howie Severino takes an up close and personal look in the country's "transpinays."

In the name of beauty, Kristine Madrigal has spent a fortune on surgery to his nose, cheeks, chin, breasts, hips, and knees.

Now all Kristine needs is one final operation to become a full-fledged woman.

For years, Kristine has thought about and agonized over the decision to have his penis removed and a vagina installed, or sex reassignment surgery. Howie Severino and his I-Witness team accompanied him on the last several months of this journey to womanhood. Kristine’s quest is uncommon, but the desire to shape his destiny is not, in an age when one’s identity is no longer simply a matter of fate but how much one believes in the power of transformation.

Along the way, Howie and his team meet other “transpinays” who offer hints of Kristine’s possible future: Barbie, who is happily married as a woman; and Eddie, who lost both his sex drive and his lover after losing his penis.

Before the final decision, Kristine must undergo a psychological test to determine if he is truly prepared for the irreversible operation.

Kristine’s fate is revealed on Monday night, the final episode of I-Witness’s anniversary month in its 10th anniversary year. Catch I-Witness after Saksi on GMA Network.

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