2009 MMFF: ‘Shake Rattle and Roll 11’ – Movie Trailer

The country’s brightest stars, most promising directors, topnotch production design and scariest storylines will make the 11th installment of “Shake, Rattle and Roll,” the must-see horror movie in the 2009 Metro Manila Film Festival.

The episode “Lamang Lupa” features some of the most sought-after young stars of the Kapamilya and Kapuso Networks: Jennica Garcia, Rayver Cruz, Iya Villania, Mart Escudero, Bangs Garcia and twin brothers Dominic Roco and Felix Roco. The story revolves around a group of friends who went camping only to find themselves relentlessly pursued by ferocious creatures called “lamanglupas.” Director for this episode is Jessel Monteverde.

The second episode, “Diablo,” will pair Maja Salvador with Mark Anthony Fernandez for the very first time. Directed by Rico Gutierrez, the episode tells the story of Claire, a young doctor-intern at a provincial hospital is haunted by demonic visions after she encounters a female patient who is suspected of carrying a deadly flu virus. Claire’s aunt brings her to Fr. Ronnie who turns out be Claire’s ex-boyfriend. Old flames are rekindled with both Fr. Ronnie and Claire battle the demons.

Completing this horror trilogy is “Ukay-Ukay,” which reunites former reel and real sweethearts Ruffa Gutierrez and Zoren Legaspi. Ruffa and Zoren play would-be couple Kayla and Harold whose wedding plans are deterred by a “possessed” gown from “ukay-ukay.” Because of this, the couple embarks on fighting the evil spirits before proceeding with their wedding. Writer-turned-director Don Michael Perez is at the helm of this episode.

“SRR 11, of course, will have the scare and excitement that endeared it to fans, but this eleventh installment will show how the shrieks, and shouts of the past SRR movies will be multiplied,” says producer Roselle Monteverde. “This year, we’re tackling horror concepts that are very unique to our culture in more thought-provoking and exciting ways.”

“Shake, Rattle and Roll 11” opens in theaters nationwide on December 25.

VIDEO LINK: Shake Rattle and Roll 11 – Movie Trailer

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