‘Melason’ Splits Up in Pinoy Big Brother Double UP

The wacky tandem of Melisa Canteveros and Jason Francisco in “Pinoy Big Brother Double Up” was torn apart by “Typhoon Walay,” a twist which sent the girls of House A to House B and vice-versa.

The two, who had been joined at the hip since they met each other inside the house, are now trying to get used to being without each other.

But Melai and Jason aren’t the only ones missing each other. Other housemates have also shown their longing for their true housemates. Upon moving into House A, the house B girls came to the common wall and did the House B cheer, which the House B boys also did upon hearing them.

Meanwhile, the House A boys also kept wondering if their friends were alright with their new guy housemate, and wondered if they were missed. Surely enough, the House A girls thought nothing but the good old times with them. Melisa, missed her small talks with Jason and worried about who will take care of him. Rica on the other hand, missed the boys as they treated her there as one of the girls.

Carol, on the other hand, felt reunited with her old buddies in her old house most especially Hermes. Cathy also felt comfortable hanging out and chatting with her new-found friends.

House B girls Yuri, Mariel, and Kath, meanwhile, got a warm welcome from the House A boys who cleaned the house and even prepared a late dinner for the new girls.

Meanwhile, apart from adjusting to new housemates, Jason, Carol, Rob, and Patrick are also busy making most of the week as they are all nominated for eviction. To save them, just text BB space NAME OF HOUSEMATE and send to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers, or 231 for Smart and Talk N’ Text Subscribers. You may also vote at

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