Gary V.’s Diabetes Probed in ‘The Correspondents’

The Correspondents will take a closer look in the so-called "sweet disease" of Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano

More than two million Filipinos are in danger of blindness, heart illnesses and amputation of the feet because of diabetes, the illness that has threatened the life and career of OPM superstar Gary Valenciano. Despite this, many diabetics are still uneducated about their alarming health condition.

This Tuesday (Nov 24) on “The Correspondents,” see how diabetes, a sickness caused by too much sugar intake, has eaten up the lives of Filipinos in our country.

Due to lack of information, many people overlook the danger brought about by diabetes. According to the Philippine Center for Diabetes Education Foundation, people young or old and with or without a family history with diabetes, can have this sickness if they don’t take care of their body well.

Bernadette Mendoza and Avelino Cernechez are just two of the many victims who are suffering on the complications of diabetes. While Bernadette continues life with a positive outlook despite losing her eyesight, Avelino is on the verge of giving up, especially now that his foot needs to be amputated because of a wound that doesn’t heal.

Look back at the other issues discussed in the program at Join Jing Castañeda as she discusses how sweetness can lead to a person’s bitter end because of diabetes on “The Correspondents” this Tuesday (Nov 24), right after “Bandila” on ABS- CBN.

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