Larissa Ramos from Brazil Wins Miss Earth 2009

20-year-old Biology student from Brazil won the second Miss Earth crown for her country.

Larissa Ramos bested 79 other contestants from around the world including heavy favorite Miss Philippines during the 9th edition of this meaningful pageant held at the Boracay Ecovillage Resort and Convention Center in Aklan.

Starmometer got 3 out of 4 elements right, Miss Philippines Sandra Seifert indeed won Miss Earth Air, Miss Venezuela Jessica Barboza indeed won Miss Earth Water, and Miss Spain Alejandra Echevarria indeed won Miss Earth Fire. The only thing we missed was the winner, where Starmometer’s bet, Miss USA, did not even make it to the Top 16 which is highly questionable because she was one of the Top 15 in both swimsuit and evening gown preliminaries. And we also believe, Amy Diaz nailed the preliminary interview round based on a video of her which leaves us to the following “conspiracy theories:”

Are we getting even with Miss Universe that’s why we snubbed Amy Diaz‘ chances in the semi-finals of Miss Earth? Miss USA was in every pageant sites’ Top 8 favorite to win Miss Earth but she was bested by the lesser known Miss Singapore in the actual announcement of the 16 semi-finalists. Miss Singapore did not win any in the preliminaries, mind you.

Miss Universe has been snubbing the Philippine candidates for 10 years now, so maybe, we are getting even by snubbing the USA candidates in Miss Earth. This is just a theory, don’t take it seriously.

Another “conspiracy theory” is the assignment of Brazilian beauty queen Priscilla Mereilles (Miss Earth 2004) as chairwoman of the board of judges. Did the people from Carousel Productions gave her a special instruction that Miss Philippines could only go as high as First runner up? Possible right? The organizers might have realized that Sandra Seifert performed better than expected specially when she won both Best in Swimsuit and Best in Evening Gown competition, and in the final week she’s a clear stand out to win the competition. And if Sandra wins, it will definitely hurt the reputation of the pageant having crowned half-pinays in the past two years (2007 and 2008) on Philippine soil.

If you were able to watch the pageant last night, Miss Philippines was the runaway winner. She’s the best in swimsuit round and nailed the final question and answer by a mile. In fact, she’s the only one, i repeat, the ONLY ONE, among the 8 finalists who was able to describe the photo (in the final question and answer kind of round) and apply the meaning of the pageant to it. Not even the memorized speech of Miss Venezuela can beat that.

Tempted to say, i told you so, I will say it anyway. I told you so, Sandra can only win 1st runner up, or in Miss Earth term, Miss Earth Air. If only Miss USA was among the 8 finalists, then there should have been two contestants who nailed the final question and answer round as the other 7 finalists have had difficulties expressing their opinions.

Miss Brazil was included in my prediction to be in the Top 16, in fact she’s no. 7 in our fearless forecast. But I never thought that she’d win until host Sarah Meier announced that the chairwoman of the board of judges is Miss Earth 2004 Priscilla Meirelles, who happens to be a Brazilian. Something’s fishy? You tell me.

I want to make it clear that i’m not in favor of a back-to-back victory for the Philippines in Miss Earth. I’m happy with the results, having predicted 3 out of 4 winners in their proper assignment was like hitting 5 out of 6 numbers in the lottery. And in fairness, Miss Brazil will make a beautiful queen. So let’s just keep my conspiracy theories between us, ok?

Congratulations to Miss Brazil and her court. The beauty of this pageant is that the winner will promote the conservation of our environment so the real winner is no less than our mother earth.

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