‘Our Sound: The Asia-Pacific Song Contest’ Debuts in 2010

Up to 13 Asian countries will compete for the honour of winning the first ever Our Sound™ – The Asia-Pacific Song Contest 2010

Our Sound™ – The Asia-Pacific Song Contest is a highly emotional music competition between Asian nations. This new, annual mega entertainment TV event is Asia’s Olympic Games of Pop Music, a thrilling search for Asia’s best song. Contestants are popular artists, chosen by the audience to represent their countries.

Starting with the National Selections in all participating countries and culminating in a Grand Final Weekend, the song contest is a celebration of Asian music, culture and diversity.

Together with leading Asian broadcasters, international producers and regional media experts, the organizers have risen to the challenge of developing a concept that caters to the needs and expectations of an Asian audience of up to 3 billion people.

Grand Final Weekend

The Grand Final, scheduled for March 2010 weekend, starting with the Performance Show on Friday night and culminating in the Winners Show on Sunday night.

Both shows will be telecasted across Asia in Prime Time by leading broadcasters.

The performing contestants will try to win the hearts and minds of Asia.
Together with International superstars guest acts, Asian host celebrities, a breathtaking stage design with spectacular light effects and state-of-art sound technology, it will add up to a music extravaganza like Asia has never seen before.

On Sunday afternoon the ballot boxes will be closed and the tension will reach its climax. Who won? The answer will be given in a spectacular Winners Show live televised Asia-wide. In a satellite link to each country a national celebrity announces the results of their vote.

The country, artist and song that got the most country votes will be declared the winner of Our Sound™ – The Asia-Pacific Song Contest 2010. And again, it’s the people’s choice!

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