Tom Mott Evicted, New Housemates to Enter the Big Brother House

While Tom left the Pinoy Big Brother house via a forced eviction, two new housemates are about to enter the scene.

The days of Tom Mott in “Pinoy Big Brother Double Up” are now over. The Romantic Stud of Samar left the Big Brother house live on Saturday (Nov 14) via a forced eviction due to a violation he did during last week’s “Pinoy Big Battle.”

Frustrated with another loss, Tom punched holes on a wall in the activity area right after the third face-off game between House A and House B. It is against the house rules to become violent inside the house.

The stud expressed his regrets to Big Brother and said he just got carried away by his emotions that time. Tom also had not been feeling well after the second game of the battle, when he complained of a headache and even vomited. Soon after the wall incident, he was rushed to the hospital, where he was confined for 22 hours. Fortunately, he was able to get back the house to beat Kuya’s 24 hour deadline.

The Romantic Stud of Samar was originally a part of the first batch of housemates to have lived in House A, where he became exceptionally close to Princess. Towards the end of the first week, Tom was asked to switch houses with Melay, thus making him part of House B.

Princess left voluntarily without bidding goodbye to Tom, and it took him days to have finally heard the news that his lady love had left. Tom and Princess were given a chance to say goodbye to each other live via a monitor during “Uber.” The two were reunited again as Tom made his exit during the PBB Saturday Live Show.

Meanwhile, after two consecutive weeks of losing, original House A members were able to redeem themselves after winning the sixth weekly task called “Pinoy Big Battle.” They also got back to their original house after winning the “Pinoy Big Ball Challenge.” The Original House B housemates, on the other hand, went back to House B without their personal belonging as punishment for the losing team.

This week, Big Brother comes up with another twist with the entry of new housemates. Find out more about them by following Big Brother’s secretary on Twitter. Just search PBBSecretary and click follow. Don’t miss the exciting turn of events inside the PBB house this week on “Uber” with Mariel Rodriguez, “PBB Double Up on Primetime Bida” with Toni Gonzaga, and “PBB Uplate” with Bianca Gonzalez on ABS-CBN.

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