Miss Earth 2009 Update: Philippine Bet Sandra Seifert Wins Best in Swimsuit

Hometown girl Sandra Seifert bested 14 other finalists for the Best in Swimsuit title in Miss Earth 2009.

The Best in Swimsuit finals was held Saturday night, November 14, at the Fontana Leisure Park and Casino in Pampanga. Sandra Seifert disappointed 14 other finalists for the title which include misses Brazil, Canada, Cuba, France, Colombia, Hungary, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Spain, Switzerland, Turks & Caicos, USA and Venezuela.

Here are the Best in Swimsuit winners in Miss Earth from 2001 to 2009:

2001 – Kazakhstan
2002 – Colombia
2003 – France
2004 – Paraguay
2005 – Venezuela
2006 – Venezuela
2007 – Venezuela
2008 – Mexico
2009 – Philippines

80 out of 91 registered contestants remain, vying this year for the Miss Earth title. 10 candidates withdrew earlier while 1 candidate was disqualified because of height restrictions.

The contestants who withdrew from the pageant were:

Bolivia, Noemi Dominique Rosa Peltier De Liotta
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Lejla Adrovic
Croatia, Vinka Groseta
Curacao, Amada Beatrix Hernandez
Ethiopia, Genet Denboba Ogeto
Kazakhstan, Inessa Nazarova
Malawi, Queen Christie Tiembo
Romania, Roxana Ilie
Vietnam, Truong Thi May
Zambia, Esther Sitali Banda

Miss Botswana Tumisang Sebina was disqualified because she was deemed too short for the pageant’s height requirement.

Image courtesy of OPMB.

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