Three Female Castaways Battle for ‘Survivor Philippines Palau’ Title

The end is near…as the “Girl-Next-Door”, the “Probinsyanang Tisay,” and the “Transsexual Beauty Queen” battle for the next Pinoy Sole Survivor title and the P3 million pot.

During last Wednesday’s episode, Amanda Colley Van Cooll won over Charles de Vera Fernandez in the first tie-breaker/face-off challenge that transpired in the Tribal Council. Charles became the last member of the jury.

Tonight, the final three face the jury in one explosive and exciting Tribal Council.

The most witty. Jef. Despite losing in a series of physical challenges, and being among the most emotional castaways, she managed to secure a spot in the top three through linking with and debunking her alliances. Will her wit be enough to convince the jury that she is rightful for the title Pinoy Sole Survivor?

The strongest. Amanda. She outplayed her Sonsoral tribemates in most of the individual reward and immunity challenges. She showed her utmost strength and beat Charles during the last tie-breaker challenge. The win gave her a spot in the Top Three. Will her strength be enough to draw votes from the jury?

The most enduring. Justine. The first castaway to be booted out of the game. And yet, she lasted in the Isla Purgatoryo, joined the merge, and even won a spot in the Top Three. Will Justine convince the jury that she deserves the most coveted title? Or will she instead lose to competitors due to the callous comments she made during the last Tribal Council?

Will it be Jef Gaitan, Amanda Colley Van Cooll or Justine Ferrer?

Don’t miss the final face off between the Top Three and the jury in the last Tribal Council.

Witness the Live Grand Finale that will bring triumph to the Pinoy Sole Survivor this Friday, November 13, and the Reunion Special to be aired over SNBO timeslot this Sunday after Show Me The Manny over GMA Network.

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