Carla and Geoff Do Comedy in SRO Cinemaserye’s ‘Carinderia Queen’

Starting tonight, televiewers will see Carla Abellana and Geoff Eigenmann's lighter side in SRO Cinemaserye: Carinderia Queen.

He is a big-headed metrosexual who is too slick and vain. She is a sassy, unrefined yet charmingly sweet lady. Will the “opposites attract” factor spell magic between these two totally different individuals?

Bittersweet romance blooms in the latest romantic-comedy offering of GMA’s late night drama event every Thursday night – SRO Cinemaserye. Join the loveteam of Geoff Eigenmann and Carla Abellana in this surprisingly fun, witty story that proves just how crazy love can be in “CARINDERIA QUEEN.”

This four-part episode is a perfect avenue for Geoff and Carla to unleash their comedic side bringing a delightful mix of humor, charm and romance to their roles. Making this episode extra special is the participation of their real life parents, Gina Alajar and Rey “PJ” Abellana.

Carla plays the role of Juliet, the ultimate “Carinderia Queen” in their neighborhood. Guys swoon over her good looks and everyone agrees that she will be a runaway winner if she decides to join beauty pageants.

Juliet and her mom Aling Biday (Melanie Marquez) stay in a rented apartment owned by Aling Waray (Gina Alajar) whose son Romeo (Geoff) is Juliet’s childhood sweetheart. As their friendship develops, Juliet’s heart is reserved only for Romeo from the moment they met.

But Romeo has to leave for the States to study and be with his American father. Aling Waray agrees on one condition that once he graduates, he will return to the Philippines to live with her permanently.

Despite terribly missing Romeo, life went on the same for Juliet after he left. Aling Waray and Aling Biday became closer and agree that their children are a perfect match for each other.

Romeo graduated and Juliet is super excited to finally see and spend time with her sweetheart once again. But on the day of their reunion, things didn’t quite turn out perfectly for the two. Both are turned off to see each other because of their personal differences.

Juliet acts like a total klutz, and speaks coarsely while Romeo sports a sophisticated look with slang expressions. He thinks she is a geek while she hates his attitude. Their reunion becomes a complete disaster.

Can the ultimate “Carinderia Queen” find true love for herself? What if their love is threatened by the nasty meddling of their mothers? Can an unlikely romance blossom between two totally different individuals? Will Romeo and Juliet’s love affair have a happy ending?

SRO Cinemaserye’s new season is led by Director Mac Alejandre together with a pool of seasoned scriptwriters headed by Jun Lana. Rounding up the cast are Gina Alajar as Aling Waray, Rey “PJ” Abellana as Dodong, Melanie Marquez as Aling Biday, Krissa Mae as Britney, and Jay Flores as Gaston.

“CARINDERIA QUEEN” will surely make viewers laugh and cry from beginning to end every Thursday night beginning November 12 right after Shining Inheritance on GMA Network.

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