Big Brother Swap: Katlin and Cathy Experience Culture Shock

Finnish housemate Katlin Laas, currently visiting Pinoy Big Brother house, and Filipina housemate Cathy Remperas, currently visiting the big brother house in Finland, are both experiencing culture shock in a fun way.

Previously on Pinoy Big Brother Double UP, Housemates Rob and Mariel drank too much and misbehaved during the tropical themed party held for Finnish visitor Katlin Laas.

For the first time, the original House B housemates won the weekly task and were overwhelmed with lots of food and Finnish alcohol. Some of the housemates nearly forgot about their visitor. However, thanks to Hermes, who developed an instant chemistry with Katlin, their guest didn’t mind a one-on-one conversation and house tour.

Once again, the two houses are competing for the next week’s budget and it will be up to Katlin who will win or not. The housemates do not know that their weekly task is to show hospitality to Katlin. Katlin spent time with the housemates in House A as they taught her how to sing “Maalaala mo Kaya” for her duet performance with Tom. House B also entertained her led by Melay who practiced folk dances like Maglalatik and Tinikling.

In another game, Katlin teamed up with Yuri, Tom and Rob in pool football and they won. As a reward, big brother gave them a prize (ironically) – a table filled with Filipino exotic food that they all must consume. Katlin was shocked seeing the duck embryo comes out from the balut but she was able to eat it afterwards with the help of Hermes. Among the four, it was Rob who had difficulty eating the balut.

Meanwhile, Cathy is getting used to Finland’s liberated culture after witnessing two men kiss each other in a party thrown by the Finnish Big Brother. Another pair even did something naughty beneath the sheets inside the house! Although shocked, Cathy handled everything well and has been well received by Finnish viewers.

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