‘Stairway to Heaven’ Strengthens its Ratings in Mega Manila

The GMA remake of the koreanovela Stairway to Heaven, starring Dingdong Dantes and Rhian Ramos, engages the televiewers in Mega Manila.

GMA Network once again proved its forte in delivering beautiful traditional drama soaps in primetime TV following the success of Stairway to Heaven in the hearts of television audiences.

Based on data from AGB Nielsen Philippines’ overnight ratings among Mega Manila households, Stairway to Heaven continues to beat its competitor with 28.9% and 31.2% overnight ratings on Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

Viewers instantly fell in love with the characters of star-crossed lovers Cholo and Jodi played by Dingdong Dantes and Rhian Ramos. Both stars were able to give stellar performances to their respective roles which by far exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Dingdong’s portrayal of Cholo is a big revelation in the remake. He is very convincing as the Pinoy Cholo along with his arresting good looks and impressive acting skills. Viewers are continuously impressed by Dingdong’s range of emotions which simply bewitches and makes everyone swoon over him even more.

Rhian, on the other hand, shines in her own way as the Pinay Jodi. She gives a new face on the character of Jodi/Jena which excites and surprises her adoring fans and supporters. She is truly exquisite, a beauty to behold as they show progresses.

Moreover, Jean Garcia as Maita and Glaiza de Castro as Eunice show commendable portrayals as the contravidas of the show. Their devious characters were evenly executed and as the story unfolds, viewers will doubly hate the roles of Maita and Eunice as they continue to make Jena/Jodi’s life a living hell.

In the coming episodes, witness how Cholo relentlessly tries to convince Jena that she is his long-lost girlfriend Jodi. But the more he spends time with Jena, the more he falls in love with her. As he tries to bring her memory back, Charlie and Eunice are determined not to let it happen.

How long can Charlie hide the truth to Jodi? Will Charlie and Eunice succeed to separate the two fated lovers?

Stairway to Heaven airs weeknights right after Darna on GMA Telebabad.

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