Girls are Still Crushing on Ryan Agoncillo

Even though he is already married, actor Ryan Agoncillo still gets girls giggling and going gaga over him with his wits and charm.

“I am flattered of course. It has always been a good feeling to know that these girls like or admire you,” said Ryan.

It may be a compliment for Ryan but what does wife Judy Ann Santos think about this?

“Every time a girl shows some motives to Ryan, I’d hug him tightly in front of her and I’d be very sweet to him!” said Juday. “But kidding aside, it’s okay. It’s natural because Ryan is a celebrity and many people will really admire him.”

Judy Ann added that she knows her hubby very well and situations like these wouldn’t be a problem to them.

The two continue to work with each other in ABS-CBN’s romantic comedy “George and Cecil.” This Sunday (Nov 1), horror fills the Murillo household as Cecil’s (Agoncillo) deceased grandmother haunts him. What does she want from her grandson?

Find out in “George and Cecil” this Sunday (Nov 1), after “Sharon” on ABS-CBN.

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