PBB Double UP Welcomes ‘Kattlin Laas’ from Big Brother Finland

Straight from Big Brother Finland, sexy Estonian-born Kattlin Laas will be arriving to Manila tomorrow (Oct 31) for the Big Swap of “Pinoy Big Brother Double Up.”

Despite weather forecasts about a coming storm, Big Brother is pushing through with one of the biggest twists of the season where a housemate from Finland will trade places with a local housemate, which happens to be Cathy Remperas, the Charming Babe of Bohol.

The 22 year old Finnish housemate admitted to the Finnish Big Brother that she is not fluent in English. A food processing worker, Kattlin describes herself as a positive and cheerful person. Her weakness, meanwhile, is her short temper. She hates people with oversized ego, people who lie a lot, and people-pleasers.

Will Kattlin be able to relate to the Pinoy housemates? Will she be able to adjust to the culture and language? What foreign traits and culture will she introduce to the housemates and the Filipino audience?

Find out how Cathy will do in Finland by following Big Brother’s secretary on Twitter. Just search PBBSecretary and click follow. Don’t miss Kattlin’s first days inside the PBB house this Saturday (Oct 31) after “Maalaala Mo Kaya” and Sunday (Nov 1) after “George and Cecil” on ABS-CBN. See the highlights of the past week at “PBB Weekend Primetime” at 6pm every Saturday and Sunday on Studio 23.

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