Jimson Ortega is Evicted on PBB Double UP

Houseband ng Spain Jimson Ortega became the first evictee of Pinoy Big Brother Double UP.

During the First Eviction Night, Princess was the first nominee to be taken off the chopping block. The next person to breathe easy was Carol.

Melai’s love interest, Jason Francisco, received the most number of votes among the four nominees while Jimson Ortega, on the other hand, was the lowest votegetter. Kath, Jim’s wife, was teary eyed after knowing that her husband was evicted.

The percentage of votes are as follows:

Jason Francisco – 46.85%
Carol Batay – 24.16%
Princess Manzon – 18.79%
Jimson Ortega – 10.20%

It was also revealed that there’s going to be another “Big Brother Swap” this year. In what country and which housemate will be selected for the Big Brother Swap? The answer will be revealed in the upcoming episodes of Pinoy Big Brother.

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