Starstudio Magazine Goes to Guam

StarStudio Magazine, the magazine that brings you closer to the stars is now available in Guam!

StarStudio Magazine and IT&E join forces in bringing one of the biggest magazines in the Philippines to Guam, one of the fastest growing markets of the Filipino community, with the StarStudio Magazine Guam edition.

Aside from being distributed in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kuwait, and Italy, StarStudio magazine also prints and distributes localized versions in the United Arab Emirates and Japan. And with the growing entertainment demand and needs in Guam from its target market, IT&E saw this as a golden opportunity to publish, sell and distribute its very own StarStudio Magazine Guam edition.

According to IT&E CEO Ricky Delgado, “Because IT&E owns one of the largest publishing companies in Guam, we believe it could further serve the Filipino market by tying up with ABS-CBN Publishing. This further establishes StarStudio as the most widely distributed Filipino entertainment magazine, reaching overseas Pinoys looking for news and lifestyle features on the Philippines’ most popular celebrities.”

Each month, StarStudio Guam will have a main feature that covers a major event / happening in the Filipino community – from concerts, to comedy shows to special visits from notable Filipino personalities. It will also feature a photo montage spread of past event coverage as well a preview upcoming events. Plus, a special section for “movers & shakers” highlighting prominent member of the Filipino community will be included in each issue. “The idea is for StarStudio to evolve into a community magazine for Filipinos around the world,”, according to Ernie Lopez, Head of ABS-CBN Publishing.

IT&E is the largest telecom company in the Marianas, is Filipino owned and is committed to serve the Filipino community in the Marianas. IT&E has been working with ABS-CBN interactive since 2008 launching Value-Added Services such as NEWS, KTEXT and text voting services to PDA. StarStudio magazine and IT&E will soon launch StarStudio Hawaii in 2010.