Bacolod City is Kapamilya Karavan’s Next Stop

ABS-CBN Regional Network Group’s Kapamilya Karavan joins in the revelry with a unique celebration of Bacolod City’s annual Masskara festival this coming October 16 and 17 at the Gaisano Mall.

Also called the City of Smiles, Bacolod City boasts of the colorful ‘Masskara’ which was taken from the words ‘mass’ meaning ‘many or a multitude of people’ and the Spanish word ‘cara’ meaning ‘face.’ One of the most known features of the festival is that the participants wear masks which are all smiling, thus Masskara means ‘a multitude of smiling face.’

With back-to-back ABS-CBN events – the Kapamilya Karavan and the ‘Pista ng mga Bata’ medical mission, jobs fair, barrangayan – no doubt that Ilonggos will be smiling non-stop for two consecutive days!

Don’t miss out as Kapamilya stars Sam Concepcion, Dino Imperial, Nikki Valdez, Elias Paniki aka Jake Cuenca and Kambal sa Uma’s Matt Evans and Melissa Ricks give their biggest and widest smiles to the land of Bacolod with their “uber” special performances on Oct. 16, 3pm at the Gaisano Mall. The next day, Oct. 17, 2pm at the Gaisano Orchard Area, the country’s miracle boy Santino makes a visit and gives a treat to other children through the Pista ng mga Bata medical mission, which aims to give help and support to those who were affected by the past typhoons.

What more can you ask for? A full house of Kapamilya stars in Bacolod City plus a colorful Masskara festival equals thousands of smiling faces so don’t miss ABS-CBN Regional Network Group’s Kapamilya Karavan on October 16 and 17 at Gaisana Mall, Bacolod City.