Zoren Gives His Two Cents on Juday-Ryan Marriage

Zoren Legaspi admits that his relationship with wife Carmina Villaroel is much like that of the newlywed Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo.

“Just like Judy and Ryan, we do not take gossips seriously. We sometimes even make fun of them,” explained Zoren when asked about how they are able to keep their marriage despite the complicated life showbiz brings them.

Wishing for the best for Judy Ann And Ryan, Zoren had some advice for a long-lasting partnership. “They must learn how to give and take. And they have to be satisfied with who their partner is,” he said.

Zoren also shared some fatherhood tips with Ryan, emphasizing the need to be flexible in playing the many roles of a dad. “Know when to be a father, a friend, an enemy or a teacher to your child,” he remarked.

While fatherhood has long been a role Zoren has portrayed on and off camera, his role in “George and Cecil” is a refreshing outlook both for his fans and the fans of the program. Playing the role of “Rico,” a crime syndicate member turned state witness, he is brought home by George (Juday) to protect him from his vengeful former comrades.

Find out if the excitement he brings home to the Murillo household ultimately becomes inevitable peril for our favorite couple this Sunday (Oct 11) on “George and Cecil,” on its new timeslot at 8:30 PM on ABS-CBN.